Monday, March 7, 2011

No crafting today

Had to go to the foot doctor today and got a steroid shot in the top of my foot, had to put my foot up for the rest of the night.  Did receive a $20 gift card today for SVG CUTS, great news.  I won this from Touched by a Butterfly from following the Cutie Patootie Blog Hop this past Saturday.  Now what files do I get with it, so many to choose from.  Hope to be able to post a new project soon, only time will tell.


  1. Congratulations--isn't it so joyful to receive a treat like that?
    Thank you so much Marcy for visiting my blog today--I'm now following you too!

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K Andrew

  2. Hi. :) Thanks for following my blog!! Do I see that you're a knitter, too? Are you on Ravelry??

  3. Thank you both, K Andrew and Shauna for being my first followers.

    Shauna, yes I am a knitter, I taught myself. I haven't down much knitting since before Christmas I made a lot of socks, lol. I am not on Ravelry, however; I have bookmarked it to check it out later. Thanks again.